Touya Akira (akira_touya) wrote in hairymove,
Touya Akira


Just in case anyone's wondering what Hikaru and Touya were talking about online:

Hikaru Shodan: Hey Touya.
Touya Sandan: hey shindo
Hikaru Shodan: What's up? *grin*
Touya Sandan: not very much >.> you?
Hikaru Shodan: Feeling pissed at Waya. >_<
Touya Sandan: i'm just as upset at him as you are. i wish he would stop thinking that we have feelings for each other
Touya Sandan: seriously
Hikaru Shodan: Yeah, 'cause it's NOT TRUE!!! *punches keyboard* [p;';.flsdgkm
Hikaru Shodan: ._. Umm... oops? I think it's okay...
Touya Sandan: careful, shindo >.>
Hikaru Shodan: I am!!
Touya Sandan: oh yeah, we have to arrange a date so we can work on that book you're writing
Touya Sandan: well?
Hikaru Shodan: Umm... Is Saturday okay?
Touya Sandan: what time? i'll be free saturday evening
Hikaru Shodan: Hmm... how about at five?
Touya Sandan: that's fine
Hikaru Shodan: All right! My house?
Touya Sandan: yeah

Auto response from Hikaru Shodan: I'm not here right now. I'm playing Go.
Touya Sandan: -.- playing go. typical
Touya Sandan: should i bring anything else to your house besides a sleeping bag, shindo?
Touya Sandan: *gathers things in a backpack*
Hikaru Shodan: Hmm... bring some kifu of various games.
Touya Sandan: fine with me
Hikaru Shodan: Hey, guess what, Touya?
Touya Sandan: hm? what?
Hikaru Shodan: I'm eating ramen. ^_^
Touya Sandan: figures
Hikaru Shodan: *grin*
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