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Touya Akira

Hikaru no Go rp convos are fun. :3

Hikaru Shodan: Yo, Touya. What's up?
Touya Sandan: hey... not much
Touya Sandan: you?
Hikaru Shodan: Kaasan's making me some ramen. I'm hungry. -_-
Touya Sandan: heh
Touya Sandan: i'm a nervous wreck -.-
Touya Sandan: too many things on my mind
Hikaru Shodan: Why?
Touya Sandan:'s hard to explain
Hikaru Shodan: Hey, hey, calm down. There's no reason to be freaking out over so much stuff at once.
Touya Sandan: *deep breath*
Hikaru Shodan: So what's up with you? You've been really stressed.
Hikaru Shodan: Ah, just a sec, the ramen's ready!
Touya Sandan: *sigh*
Touya Sandan: *thinks*
Hikaru Shodan: Okay, I'm back.
Touya Sandan: welcome back
Hikaru Shodan: So, what's up?
Touya Sandan: just... writing in my journal, is all
Hikaru Shodan: Ah.
Hikaru Shodan: ...Heh. I beat you today.
Touya Sandan: i noticed
Hikaru Shodan: I beat you good.
Touya Sandan: -.-
Hikaru Shodan: >v<
Touya Sandan: >.>
Touya Sandan: you only won one out of three >.>
Hikaru Shodan: Well.... yeah.......
Hikaru Shodan: I beat you, though. >v<
Touya Sandan: -.-
Touya Sandan: only one, remember that
Hikaru Shodan: Sure, sure
Hikaru Shodan: So, you wanna tell me anything aboutwhat's wrong?
Touya Sandan: like i said, it's hard to explain
Touya Sandan: but i just haven't been feeling like myself
Hikaru Shodan: You know why?
Touya Sandan: ...yeah, but... *sigh* i don't know -.-
Hikaru Shodan: o_O
Hikaru Shodan: Do you miss your dad or something?
Hikaru Shodan: He's in Korea now, right?
Touya Sandan: yeah, but that's not the only thing
Touya Sandan: shindo, let me ask you a question...
Hikaru Shodan: Shoot.
Touya Sandan: and answer honestly
Hikaru Shodan: Who do you think I am, Touya?
Hikaru Shodan: Course I'll answer honestly. Unless you ask about sai.
Touya Sandan: if you had a real close friend, someone that you knew for a long time, and he told you something about himself that might affect the friendship, what would you say?
Hikaru Shodan: Huh?
Hikaru Shodan: Uh...
Touya Sandan: -.-
Touya Sandan: forget it
Touya Sandan: forget i said anything
Hikaru Shodan: No, I'll answer!
Hikaru Shodan: Well, if we knew each other for so long, then there really wouldn't be much that would affect the friendship, right?
Hikaru Shodan: Or something like that...
Touya Sandan: i would hope not
Hikaru Shodan: Why?
Touya Sandan: ...what if i were to tell you that i might not be who you think i am?
Hikaru Shodan: Huh? Touya, I know you inside and out, you're not anybody that I don't know... uh... I just confused myself. x_x
Hikaru Shodan: Touya, you're kinda weirding me out. What's going on?
Touya Sandan: don't get the wrong idea, i'm not out to kill you or anything
Hikaru Shodan: Oh, well, that's comforting.
Touya Sandan: but why d'you think i've been acting differently lately? especially towards you?
Touya Sandan: think about it
Touya Sandan: shindo
Touya Sandan: i...
Hikaru Shodan: Huh? What?
Touya Sandan: ...i think i have feelings for you *turns away*
Hikaru Shodan: ... *blink*
Hikaru Shodan: Wha? What kind of feelings?
Touya Sandan: like... wanting-more-than-a-friendship kind of feelings
Touya Sandan: ~_~
Hikaru Shodan: Ummm...
Touya Sandan: ._.
Hikaru Shodan: Like what Waya thinks is going on?
Touya Sandan: yeah...
Hikaru Shodan: Oh.
Hikaru Shodan: Uhh... *fidgets* ...
Touya Sandan: ...
Hikaru Shodan: Umm... I...
Hikaru Shodan: Umm... I'll have to think about that.
Touya Sandan: *sigh* fine -.- but... you don't hate me or anything for telling you this, do you?
Hikaru Shodan: Oh, no, of course not!
Hikaru Shodan: Don't worry, Touya. ^_^
Touya Sandan: *sigh of relief* thanks
Hikaru Shodan: So, is that all that was bothering you? Anything else?
Touya Sandan: well, it's mostly little things, but that was basically it
Hikaru Shodan: Okay, then.
Hikaru Shodan: You feeling better now?
Touya Sandan: much, thanks
Hikaru Shodan: *grin*
Hikaru Shodan: Wow, it's getting kinda late.
Touya Sandan: *looks at the clock* hm, i must've lost track of time
Hikaru Shodan: Ah, Morishita-sensei is having a sort of "bring-a-friend-who-is-not-as-talented-at-Go-as-you-are-day" tomorrow. You wanna come with?
Hikaru Shodan: I mean, not that you're less talented than I am.
Touya Sandan: *laughs* sure, i'll come
Hikaru Shodan: Akari's coming too, but Waya'd make fun of me for bringing a girl with me... Well, he'd make fun of me for bringing you, too, but probably not if I bring you both.
Touya Sandan: *laughs*
Touya Sandan: fine
Hikaru Shodan: All right, then! *grin*
Touya Sandan: what time?
Hikaru Shodan: Ah...
Hikaru Shodan: In the afternoon. Around two.
Touya Sandan: okay
Hikaru Shodan: I'll see you there, then?
Touya Sandan: *nods*
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